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I was listening to the radio on the way back from swimming this a.m. and they were talking about setting goals for fitness (and of course they also meant weight loss) and how you should reward yourself if you met your goal for that week (for example).

I couldn’t help but think about that and wonder if that isn’t also potentially negative.

Let’s say your goal was to go to the gym 3 times this week or to write 3 articles this week.

And let’s say you set your reward as buying a new book.

What if your child gets sick? As a result you’re only able to go to the gym 2 times and only wrote 2 articles.

If that’s above your norm I would say that you achieved a whole lot, wouldn’t you?

But, because you set yourself up to HAVE to go 3 times and write 3 articles in order to get the book, you cannot have that reward.

Doesn’t that mean you “failed”? At least to your subconscious mind? That puts a bummer on your processing doesn’t it?

Instead of being excited that you achieved that much, you’re beating yourself up for not achieving everything.

I think that, perhaps, rewards do not really add anything to your process. Your satisfaction should be in doing more than you have before.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.


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I have to discuss this story because it’s hit me with such force at work.

I sometimes live under a rock so this was complete news to me. However, there are two lessons in this:

1) Never Ever judge a book by its cover

2) Never give up

I can’t embed the video because of YouTube rules but here’s the link you should hop on over and watch this video.

This is about the woman in the UK’s “Britain’s Got Talent” version of American Idol.

Susan Boyle is 47 years old, unemployed (but a charity worker) and “never been kissed”.

Her dream has always been to be a professional singer.

People laughed (including the judges) when she just walked out on the stage on Britain’s Got Talent. There were snickers when she told them of her dream. I have to tell you that that really irritates me whenever I see it and I’ll go on more about that later.

But then she opened her mouth and let loose. This woman, after that one song, has changed her life forever and if people stop to think about it, she has changed others lives dramatically as well.

She said she was aware of their snickers but figured she just had to continue on with her dream.

This video brought tears to my eyes because she just went out and “she showed them” – all those who judge people by their looks. I get so disgusted with people who do that.

But she never gave up. And to all those people who were laughing at her and criticizing her I simply say “I haven’t seen you on CNN, Good Morning America, or Larry King Live.”

At work, several of the men I work with with were talking about it and every single time they mentioned it, they would say how “ugly” she was. I couldn’t take it any more and when one of them said “she’s so ugly” I butted in (we do that in our office) and said “have you looked in the mirror lately”.

Why do people have to do that? Why can’t they accept people for what they are. As Susan said “that’s just one side of me”.

She never gave up. Take heart in both these lessons and continue to cheer her on.



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I wanted to write a quick note to all of you before I leave to spend Christmas with my brother and his wonderful wife – another year reunited is certainly cherished by me.

This will be a hectic week for all of you. I encourage you to take personal time and reflect on 2007. Hopefully you will start by listing your “gratitudes” and if you haven’t done so already, I hope you will download the Gratitude Journal and begin using it daily or at least weekly so you can remember all the wonderful things that have happened to you.

In addition, most people try to decide what the coming year will bring. One way to get started with that is to do a Burning Bowl. Listen to the audio and it will help guide you. Or, you can listen to both the Burning Bowl and The Goal Setting Teleseminar from one page.

Enjoy. I gotta cab is here


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I think we get so lost in all the things we’re “supposed to do” at this time of year – the “holiday season” – it should just be changed to “the hectic season” if you ask me.

But, anyway, this is a great time to stop and smell the roses, as they say. Of course most areas have wintery weather and there probably aren’t alot of roses around, are there. So, you’re probably thinking that Terrie’s just being Terrie. And maybe that’s true but take a look at the rose. Even if there’s no rosebud visible at this moment, there’s still a rose – it’s just underground being protected and nurtured in order for it to reach it’s next level – it’s next level of awareness in a sense.

Just as we look at the material things especially at this time of year, we should not neglect the “underground rose” in our existence. We say we want “Happiness” but what does that mean? People come to New Thought to “find” or “get” things that are missing in their lives. And if they don’t get them right away, they snub their nose, turn their backs and mutter “this stuff doesn’t work. I knew it was bogus.”

But as we tell you week after week, it’s more than just ONE thing you have to do. We all came here (to this earth) to learn some lessons. We don’t necessarily know what those lessons are but the sooner we find out what they are, the sooner we can pass them all – and then – move on to our next vibrational level – just like the Rose!

So, we’re having a teleseminar this week titled What I really want for Christmas – Anne will help us get our priorities straight – but more than that, she’ll be letting us know how we can get the crib sheets for those lessons and pass these tests with a bit more ease than before. I know I’ve been floundering around for all these years. I think I should get my rudder in the water and find the right direction. I’ll be listening intently to her teaching.

If you’re interested, you can go to the registration page or you can just sign up here:

Date: This Thursday 6 December 2007

Time: 5:05 p.m. Pacific, 7:05 p.m. Central, 8:05 p.m. Eastern

Available on the phone or via webcast


Hope to see you on the call on Thursday



Burning Bowl Successes

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And we have people who have commented on the importance of the Burning Bowl.
Here are two of them who provided us with input. These things really work!

We received this wonderful note from

Marie writes from Iowa:

Dear Terrie and Anne,
Thank you for the teleseminar session! It has been very valuable for me
and for my husband, John!
I feel greatly invigorated.
What helped me the most was the catagories from the Burning Bowl ritual.
It seems that once I know from what area comes the limiting thought, I can
release it faster. And that the Belief System catagory is where I am
declaring the Truth of who I am. The affirmations that you shared are extremely potent, and of course I am interested in my Divine Potential!
I got to an edge of my thinking about my work, being an artist: sculptor and
painter. I am great at the building and supply for that. I became a sculptor at 45 and now at 51 I have big pieces in 4 states. I think Texas needs one, too. Anyway. I realized the language of the next steps of my
work in the world are where I am now affirming Divine Direction. This
has energized me greatly, and I know the avenues and the way, and the people
and the places will manifest. As will the recognition, and the comfort in
that, and the income!
This I wanted to share, thank you for hearing me on this electric drum!

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It’s always great to find out tthat people have had successes from our techniques.

Listen to one of the best in quite awhile!

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So much is happening…..

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Good Monday morning to everyone!

As we begin the week, we get ready for our second Goal Setting Teleseminar tomorrow night (Tuesday the 16th of January 2007) which should be exciting. I imagine we’ll have people on the call who have already started their goal setting but have had questions or need some help. And, of course, there are those who haven’t “gotten around to it” yet. So, it should be a good time for all.

And as my other blog post notes, I am excited that we’ve finalized (and is ready for use) the Mental Equivalent Mini-course - this is a fact filled informational/instructional program based on Emmet Fox’s “The Mental Equivalent” booklet. Anne guides you through the steps of using the Mental Equivalent to bring about all you want. What a perfect companion to the Goal Setting Teleseminar.

Coming in February is a two week teleseminar on “Unexpected Income” followed by a six week series entitled “Staircase to Mastery” which will take you to heights of success (personal or professional) that you’ve never known before.

Stay tuned and continue to work on your goals as we are half way through the first month of the New Year. Take  a look at the Mental Equivalent mini-course.


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Hi everyone,

    What a great success our first Goal Setting Teleseminar was on the 5th. As planned we are holding another one this coming Tuesday, the 16th of January 2007.  It’s essentially the same material but Anne always presents things differently. It is NOT a recorded playback.

    So, if you weren’t able to join us two weeks ago, register now for the call.

    We’ve also revised the start time for this call to 5 minutes after the hour as a test. Some cell phone services start their night time minutes at 7 p.m. Starting at 7:05 (for the Central Time Zone folks) allows them to count the entire teleseminar as a nightime call.


p.s. We also knew that there were procrastinators in the crowd and that maybe now some folks were ready to start on their goals Kicking a can.

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There’s been such great response to the Effective Goal Setting e-Course that Anne and I have decided to conduct another goal setting teleseminar in January. But…..there will be some changes from last year. Although it will be a no-cost-to-you teleseminar (this means that there is no charge for the teleseminar; the cost for the phone call is dependent upon your phone carrier), another year has gone by and we have all changed. This year’s course will contain some new elements:

  • The use of The Burning Bowl to “clear the ground” – identifying and eliminating your negative memories (cellular as well as conscious),
  • The Gratitude Bowl to set the emotional state – FEELING you’ve accomplished your goal is essential for achieving it.
  • This teleseminar will be held on two separate days – it will be essentially the same teleseminar (although Anne gves different examples and thoughts each time she teaches. Dates are:
    • Thursday 4 January 2007
    • Tuesday 16 January 2007
  • There will be a question and answer period following each teleseminar. You can ask your questions live or you can email them prior to the call and they’ll be answered on the call.

To find out more information and to register for the calls visit “From Bowls to Goals“  website.


Dates:  Thursday 4 January 2007 and Tuesday 16 January 2007

Time:    5 p.m. Pacific, 7 p.m. Central, 8 p.m. Eastern

Length:  60-70 minutes (followed by a question and answer period)

Cost:    No cost for the teleseminar ($35.00 value); cost of the phone call is dependent on your phone service




Have a wonderful New Year – but take this time to give thanks today and tomorrow especially for all you have received in this year. We, at Getting Unstuck, LLC are extremely grateful for you.


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This is the time of year when people tend to have “good intentions” and set new goals. I believe we should be setting new goals all year round. So, this e-course will be available all year round. But many people want to get started in the next few days.

Dr. Anne Kunath has a unique method of teaching. Most of you know that. But she really identifies a major area where attention is needed in the field of Goal-Setting.

You MUST clear out your old memories (including those cellular memories that we may or may not actually remember but your mind does) and belief systems. This is done through the use of the Burning Bowl. Using the Burning Bowl will allow the universe to bring your goals to you much more rapidly.

Try this out. Even if you don’t use the e-course right now, print out the 5 emails (over 7 days) and you’ll have your own Goal Setting manual.

This is no-cost to you!

Register here:



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