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“My mind is so filled with wisdom that I can only make wise decisions.”

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“My attitude determines my receiving. Therefore, I am in control
and am always an expression of praise and appreciation. I receive lavishly. I love my inner spirit unconditionally.”

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“I surround myself with loving people who understand spiritual law.
We assist each other along the way fully understanding the more we help others, the more we receive benefits.”

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“I am a blessing to all people and all people are a blessing to me.”

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“I immerse myself in the friendly energy of life, joy, peace love,
health, harmony, wealth and gratitude.”

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“As I keep my thoughts positive, life brings to me only pleasant

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“I am cherished and pampered by the universe. I receive miraculous benefits.”

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“I expect great things of God and God has given me great things
to accomplish. I accomplish them easily and quickly and reap
glorious rewards.”

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“I quickly see, understand, accept and dissolve any and all
interferences to my success in my work, play, relationships and
spiritual growth.”

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I was listening to the radio on the way back from swimming this a.m. and they were talking about setting goals for fitness (and of course they also meant weight loss) and how you should reward yourself if you met your goal for that week (for example).

I couldn’t help but think about that and wonder if that isn’t also potentially negative.

Let’s say your goal was to go to the gym 3 times this week or to write 3 articles this week.

And let’s say you set your reward as buying a new book.

What if your child gets sick? As a result you’re only able to go to the gym 2 times and only wrote 2 articles.

If that’s above your norm I would say that you achieved a whole lot, wouldn’t you?

But, because you set yourself up to HAVE to go 3 times and write 3 articles in order to get the book, you cannot have that reward.

Doesn’t that mean you “failed”? At least to your subconscious mind? That puts a bummer on your processing doesn’t it?

Instead of being excited that you achieved that much, you’re beating yourself up for not achieving everything.

I think that, perhaps, rewards do not really add anything to your process. Your satisfaction should be in doing more than you have before.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.


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